Mutation of Property

 Mutation is the process of making necessary changes in the records of the revenue authority about the ownership of the property. It is required for all properties which are leased property. To understand the concept of mutation I will give you a very simple example say you buy or sell a car or bike. The transaction is complete once you give or take the money but the ownership is only transferred to the new owner after it is updated in the Office of the Regional Transport Office i.e. RTO. Similarly the mutation is done at district registrar office for properties. For properties in Ghaziabad which are on lease basis from Ghaziabad Development Authority (GDA), the process is done at GDA Office. It is must if you are planning to take a loan against the property. Also when you want to sell your property, if the prospective would like to approach a Banker / Financial Institution, Mutation is required. The documentation procedure to be followed and the fee payable vary from State to State. The mutation in the municipal records is for the purpose of payment of property tax, and it does not mean a legal title for the person in whose name the property has been mutated in the municipal records. Documents required for mutation process.

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